OCMS Board e-Annual Meeting



November 18, 2019
Dear Old Courthouse Museum Society Members:
Our annual meeting, normally held in October or November, is when our organization votes for or against a slate of board members and officers. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is necessary to carry out the board election by email and social media this year. We plan to have a luncheon event with an entertaining program at the Old Courthouse in the winter.
In order to carry out that election, please vote by sending an email to this address: ocms.org@outlook.com.  Please indicate whether you are voting FOR or AGAINST the slate which your board has presented for your consideration.        
Here is the slate of board candidates:
Joe Bahash
Marshall Duell, President
Dann Gibb
Jane Gothold
Doreen Gray, Secretary
Mike Heywood
Steve Holden
Tom Pickett
John Sorenson, Treasurer 
We must take this opportunity to explain that our slate of board members is affected by two sad developments:
· Ed Merrilees, one of our current board members, has expressed his desire to retire from the board. We thank Ed for his many years of his service, for the good humor he brings to every board meeting, and his fine judgment. We wish Ed the very best as he concentrates on work within his home city, Laguna Beach.
· A. Lee Staton, who also served on our board for many years, passed away this year. Lee was an attorney, a musician, and a gentleman. He is missed.  
Lastly, if you or someone you know would like to serve on the board, please contact us at the email address. We are always happy to welcome new board members.
Yours truly,

Marshall DuellPresident of the Old Courthouse Museum Society

The Old Courthouse Museum Society and OC Parks Partner with Alzheimer's OC!

   Memories in the Making®, the signature art program of Alzheimer’s Orange County (ALZOC®), was created to provide a meaningful activity for persons with dementia, while focusing on creative expression as a form of communication. With the stroke of a paintbrush participants are able to express themselves, often painting memories from long ago or images that represent their hobbies and passions. When words fail, art speaks!
The OCMS Board is pleased to announce that the Old Courthouse will participate in this outstanding program in partnership with OCParks and Alzheimer's Orange County. For more information about the program, check out their website, https://www.alzoc.org/services/mim/   At a future date, the participant's artwork will be available for purchase with proceeds going to support the many critical programs administered by Alzheimer's OC!



Parking is available in Lot P 8, located between Santa Ana Blvd. and 5th Street.  The official address is 405 W 5th Street.